A trucker's nightmare

... or "Why not to blindly follow your GPS system".

This is where mine took me the other day …

A Truck Driver's Nightmare
A Truck Driver's Nightmare The last thing you want to see when rounding a bend on a steep twisty country lane.
Getting Closer ...
Getting Closer ...
The Entrance to Hell
The Entrance to Hell
6'9" Height Limit! Thankfully we're only in a small car :open_mouth: :smiley:
The Other Side
The Other Side

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

That’s probably the lowest bridge i’ve ever seen!! Where is it??

Probably a bit late now, but it would’ve made a good ‘Where am I?’ :laughing: :laughing:

I bet you had to stay in the middle.

Blimey :open_mouth: . That’s pretty cool though!

That’s probably the lowest bridge i’ve ever seen!! Where is it??

Probably a bit late now, but it would’ve made a good ‘Where am I?’ :laughing: :laughing:

:laughing: yeah, but hopefully no one would get it, cos if they’d seen it they’d probably have been in big trouble :smiley:

It’s just round the corner from Trago Mills at Liskeard in Cornwall.

I bet you had to stay in the middle.

Yeah :slight_smile: I would think twice about trying it in a 4x4 or people carrier, or anything much bigger than my golf, the approach to it on one side is quite steep and at an oblique angle, which makes it more difficult to use what little height is available, and if someone were to hit it, it also happens to be the main rail line in and out of the county :open_mouth:

The way it’s built kind of looks like it’s really a bigger bridge that was there first and someone put the hillside there around it later, half burying it :smiley:

Ironically a few hundred yards along the railway is the St. Pinnock viaduct, which, at 153 feet is the highest on the line :slight_smile:

Good Pics :smiley:

I hope Peter Crouch doesn`t go jogging down that way. :wink: :laughing:

Maybe the Pikies were doing some tarmac for the council and did have too much. Only when they couldn’t find any drives to relay they laid it thicker on the road. :laughing:

I know it well. Never tried it in a truck though.
It brings back awful memories of the low bridges on the old road to Genoa in Italy. 2.7 metres. Looked like brick fireplaces! I c**d myself when I came to the first one, againat the second, again at the third but by the fourth one I didn’t have any c left so I almost threw up instead. Got under them all with this, though.

Looked like brick fireplaces!

LOL, I knew it reminded me of something :smiley:

May be they should make the cab with curved sides to match the top of the tanker, that would make it easier going under arched bridges, though might give you a stiff neck leaning your head to one side all the time to avoid hitting the door :laughing:

LOL. You wouldn’t have been able to open the door. A few inches and the top of the door would hit the arch. You’re right, tho. Awful sinking sensation.
If I hadn’t had the tank I would have been in doo doo!

bobthedog But I notice that your Canadian rig has a low cab & pod…I suppose you get low bridges out there too…?

I’ll have you know it’s a Mid Roof!!! 72" sleeper!!! :smiley:
It’s 12’4 high though. Surprising, isnt it. :open_mouth:

It doesn’t look too high until you realise the wheelbase is 6 metres or more.
Here’s the family to give a clue to the height. I can stand up in the sleeper with real ease.