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Hi i am a new member i am currently a van driver working for a agency.Doing work for promotion cmpany. Ie nhs leflets furniture maps get my drift . i have a question . is the d o t ie vosa putting digi cards in 3500 h weight van in 2014. as currently doing about 13/15 hrs a day driving .Our is london to devon border we do about max of 10 drops a day ta friends white van man

well I’ll say hello and welcome, even if no one else does.
thers been talk about tachos in vans for sometime, but not suire what or when it will happen,

depending on the size of your van, you could already come under the domestic rules

Hello White Van. Yeah, goods vehicles below 3500kg pmw are already subject to UK domestic hours rules. Your 12-13 hour driving breaks two rules; the 10 hour driving limit and the 11 hour daily duty limit. However, you’re exempt any record keeping (you don’t have to have a log-book) so I suppose the only way you’re going to get a ticket is if you 'fess up to it if you’re stopped. :wink:

There are some rumours that there will be Drivers CPC for van drivers after 2014, but I haven’t seen any evidence.

Difficult to see them bringing in tachos for vans in the near future. First of all there are so many; 2.5 million instead of the 350,000 over 3.5 tons. Then deciding if own account van operators should have them, and then getting the word out to every plumber and decorator in the land.

Also, they would have to change the law. Like I said, below 3.5 tons you’re exempt record keeping anyway, so there would be no point having a tacho as it stands.

Mind you, if they brought in EU drivers hours rules for vans and fitted them with tachos, VOSA will want to go onto piece work…