A long shot, but worth an ask. :-)

I know it’s not the done thing and I probably shouldn’t be asking.
But I was never one to be conventional and my mom’s always said those that don’t ask don’t get, so here goes. :smiley:

In the next few months we are moving with our two dogs to Ireland.
We are struggling to find a van hire company who will agree to let us drive their van over to Ireland. We don’t have much, maybe a Luton van sized load.
Soo…we were wondering if anyone on here knew of anyone else that might be willing to take a small load of stuff across on the ferry.
It’s all pretty much tat, just stuff we’ve accumulated over the years, but it’s our crap and we’d very much like to take it with us on our adventure. :slight_smile:

Obviously we wouldn’t expect this goodly deed to be done for free so would be happy to put pennies in the pot of whichever lovely soul might agree to help us in our grand adventure.

Please please don’t anyone have a go at me for my request…after all…I’m only asking and there’s no harm in that. :smiley:

Very kindest of regards


Do you need to tell the van hire company you’re taking it to Ireland ?

Excuse my naivety on the subject.

Try DSV, they do groupage all over Europe, if you can pack it onto pallets or boxes & shrink wrap it, they might be able to help- uk.dsv.com/about-dsv/contact-us

If it was me moving over,i would find an Irish transport firm and put the stuff on an artic trailer as groupage.
It means you share the floor space of the trailer with other customers freight.
The trailer will be offloaded at their depot in Ireland and then hire a van over there to collect it or lots of car journeys back and forth.
Try Nolans.
Breen Trans.
Sure Freight.
Or hang around at a job centre,maybe somebody could drive the van over for cash in hand.
I would do it for free to help out but i am not available.
A jolly over the water for the craic.
Going over as groupage may be a cheaper option.Check their insurance small print.For damage or loss.

Know a few van ops who do euro and Ireland

Depending where u are in uk and where in Eire
With what I know they get cost you 750-850 plus vat


Try getting a quote from this company they have lorries over here every
week and will be able to backload your move back to Ireland. The more
flexible you can be the cheaper it will.

Have a look on Done Deal .ie plenty of vans over and back to uk

Try Primeline they have trailers going daily from Warwick and Warrington there depot in Ireland is in Ashbourne about 20 minutes north of Dublin where you would be able to collect your stuff. If you are in the south west of the UK then Mcgills of Bristol have groupage loads to Ireland from their depot, if you are in the north then try Redhead in Bradford or Transbridge in Middleton. A lot of local firms will have arrangements with Irish companies for shipping goods to Ireland so just because they do not physically go to Ireland does not mean that they won’t be able to organise it for you.

Hi Debs, welcome along and there’s nothing remotely wrong with your question. It’s what we’re here for!

My advice is to advertise the house move on LoadUp, loadup.co.uk/ , Paddy or Seamus would probably take a van load back to your front door in Ireland for £100 but speaking as someone in a very similar position to you, I’d say “dump the tat”. Sell anything that might be worth a few quid and take the rest down the council tip. There’s no point in taking up van space for that ashtray you bought in Tenerife in 1995 when it will never come out of the box in the loft. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try teds trucking. Pm me if you want his number.


This is the chap.

I concur with Harry.Ditch the emotional junk.Buy what you need in Ireland.

have a look at shipleys website, they take anything anywhere, just google Shipley couriers :wink:

I concur with Harry.Ditch the emotional junk.Buy what you need in Ireland.

+1 :sunglasses:

Hire a van in Ireland and come back to get ur stuff

Buy a van, Move, then sell it.
Might even make a few quid :smiley:

Aramex do uk to ireland. Box it up and put it on a pallet. Very good rates.
Depots in the uk. Main office is at Heywood.

Midnight Rambler:
Buy a van, Move, then sell it.
Might even make a few quid :smiley:

Very good idea Buy Mercedes Sprinter 03 /06 313cdi not white and I’d be interested in it .

I can get a van if the pays right what part of Ireland

Yeah, where in England / Scotland to where in Ireland?