A few from Felix

Some pics from Felixstowe Docks. Nothing as glamorous as what Neil posts! But some might find it interesting if they aint been down there! :slight_smile:

The Old Dock Basin This might sadly be gone soon, to extend the dock, so they say. I hope not, its an OK place to park up and watch the ships go by.

SA & A ■■■■■■ These are pretty big, so to get the scale for others to see I took a pic with me old motor underneath one. Spreading to take me 40 off down the bottom of the 800’s.

Old Tugs in The Basin Theres a couple of old warhorses there, I dont know if they actually do any tugging these days!

Veiw of Trinity and The RoRo from the Basin

Nice one Mal, It’s years since I’ve been to Felixstowe and then it was only to catch the ferry never to the container bit so it was good to see some pics.

Just to put my twopenneth in…

a pic of a brand new,never been on a lady’s leg,FH12 I had in 1994.
Port of Felixstowe had 6 come home together,some of the first FH’s in East Anglia.

The pic was taken on Trinity container terminal.

And unloading grapes in Spalding.
It was only the second new truck I’ve ever had.

This was the first…

I would say the Atki’s an ex Sissons out of Sherburn-in-Elmet.


You might be right there Ken, I aint got a clue whre it cam from though!