A different view of my week

Heres a couple of different pics of where I have been this week via Google Earth.
Have installed a little program on my phone so I can track my whereabouts. (boys toys and all that!)

This is my weeks travels.

And this is every transporter drivers favourite, Blackbushe BCA. Try to find 9 cars randomly spread among this lot, not funny :imp:
It has tagged exactly where I was parked at the top of the pic.

And this is the spot my wagon is parked now for the weekend.

How cool is that??!!

Love it!

You’ve got to admit, the FAA certainly allow our overseas cousins some cool toys.

I seem to recall someone approached the CAA with a similar idea a few years ago and was told that such a scheme would only be allowed if it was run by the CAA themselves… and they weren’t interested in doing it.

Might have to sign up to that FBOWeb one myself though!


Love it!!

The software I use is blackberrytracker.com but only works with blackberry gps devices. other devices are supported at mologogo.com. Also gives live tracking and stores a history too so you can look at any date or time that you installed it. results can be viewed in google maps or google earth as above.