A day out with the


Sunday july the 13th saw ECT take 166 children on a day out to Africa alive at Kessingland near Lowestoft. 3 Coaches met at county hall Norwich to collect our special guests for the day. Disadvantaged children that have so much to give, yet ask for so little. Every moment spent with these little people is a great moment, a moment that no amount of money could ever buy. I’m humbled that i may be in such a position to be involved and make the difference. On a serious note, there are no individual photos of children shown here. I don’t have the parents consent and it would be un fair to use images with out consent.

Coaches and guests waiting for the off

The journey assisted by some fella in a blinged up circus motor, kids seem to like it :sunglasses:

Everyone arrived safely and waiting to go in

Not everyone was thrilled to see us

These scary looking creatures seemed friendly enough, i was glad to be the lions side of the fence thou :laughing:

3 very serious looking fellas

This fella was a scream, not sure what he’d been smoking, but he certainly was getting off on it.

Our vice chairman getting ready to dive into the food

All food supplied free of charge by Betty and her team of fundraisers from the village of Halvergate. Another group of un sung heros. Well done Betty, once again you came and conquered many rumbling tums

A few words from our president

Thanks for taking the time to read. :sunglasses:

well done. :smiley:

Well Done & love the pictures

We generally do a motorcycle toy run around Christmas and just collect a few bits up for a local hospice. It is certainly humbling to know we have made the kids day a little brighter.

Some of the children cannot even get out of bed, but a lot of hairy bikers take the time to go and sit with them. Some of the hairy bikers are women too :stuck_out_tongue:

There are probably more tears from us then from any of the kids, and it is them who are in pain :frowning:

Fair play MR.VAIN… It’s nice to see people give up their time for a good cause :smiley:

Congrats to all involved !!!1

A brilliant event! what a wonderful thing to be involved in and thanks for posting the pics to give us an idea of what goes on.

Be honest, I bet you had a teddy bear packed lunch too didn’t ya :wink:


Great pictures, great diary, great day out for the kids. Big smiles all over TRUCKNET and beyond!

Thanks very much MR VAIN


Ahh really good that…whats that American truck behind the blinged up circus motor? :laughing: :laughing:

Well done Rob and The East Coast Truckers, looked like a great day with the little monkeys !!

If you wanted to show tem real animals why didnt you take them to the truck stop !!!

A well worth while cause well done :exclamation: :exclamation:
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
When you see these kids it puts life into perspective
Here we are worring about fuel prices when there are alot more important
things going on around us.

Looks like everyone had a great day Rob , you should all be proud of yourselves mate.

Top stuff :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

good one rob, im guessing glen was stood behind the kids in the picture :laughing:

Thank you all for such kind words. I’m so glad you all appreciated the photos and such a brief run down on what was going on. When i finally got in last night it was late after such a long day. But to climb in to bed last night, safe in the knowledge that we had created a little happiness, was a moment worth waiting for. I’ll sleep well again tonight i think. (hotel scania) Many tears are shed on our travels, always with a smile thou. The convoy is our biggest event and i aim to bring you a full report. If any of you wish to make the journey to Great Yarmouth to witness this wonderful event please don’t hestitate to ask for directions. I may (time permitting) post the convoy time table so that you will know where we would be should you decide to travel. Thanks once again for yr kind words.

Well done Rob and all involved.
Like gogs2006 said “it`s nice to to see people give up their time for a good cause”

Nice one Rob…you’ve cheered me up (and put a few things into perspective) with that post mate. Thank-you.

Oh, yeah, and NICE BEAVER dude! :wink: :laughing: (picture 9).

Think that may rank as number 1 post of the year mate :wink:

Well done to you all!

You boys aint seen nothing yet you wait until the 24th of august when the east coast truckers charity do the realy big one. Suffolk Wildlife park is just a warm up excercise. We do more in one day to lift the image of the haulage industry than the RHA does in a whole year. So give us your RHA subsciption and let us spend it on the children. Makes much more sence :smiley:

little enis, you have a PM

very nice.

If you wish to make a donation you can visit our web site @east coast truckers charity if you google it it is at the top of the page, there you will find a free post address. You can also become a friend of the charity for just £10 giving you access to everything we do and keeping you informed via a very well produced monthly mag. Thanks for all your support. Myself and Rob will be boring you all ridged by the time the 24th gets here. once again thanks for your interest.