A big Christmas Thank You

I passed my class one June this year

I wanted to say a big thanks to all the brilliant drivers who have helped me learn since then. I will continue to learn until I retire I hope :smiley:

I have made some mistakes (like most newbies do) but have had massive amounts of help and support from complete strangers

To all of you a big thank you


You will never stop learning. I remember years ago when I passed class 1 and had my first day in the real world, I was struggling to back onto a bay blindside. A very helpful driver came over sat in the passenger seat and talked me through it. Since that day if I see somebody struggling I will ALWAYS walk over and help.

After fifty years I’m still learning, I’m sure in the future you’ll pass on what you have learned, good luck in the future.

I get mad when it is clear someone is struggling to reverse and some drivers just sit there too ■■■■ idle to lift their lazy arses out of their cabs to watch the driver in.
Like many things in this job, you would never have seen that once over, there would be about 3 or 4 drivers watching you in at the same time, it just came natural, but the quality of some ‘drivers’ today leave a lot to be desired.

I remember a couple of years ago at Aston brewery Birmingham, a Dutch lad was struggling to back in there off a busy road, blindside with a left ■■■■■■.
These two ■■■■ whits were not just stood watching him struggle, but actually laughing :open_mouth:
I jumped out the cab give them a dirty look, shook my head, with a loud ‘‘ffs’’ and stopped the traffic for the guy.
The 2 d.heads got the message and got back in their cabs.

Yeh, I know, …I’m a hero. :sunglasses: :smiley: