84,100lbs OPPS!

Well I slipped up…coming southbound down I-77…gave a shout on the CB to find out if the southbound scales were open (All locked up and nobody home driver!!) came a reply… a mile down the road and :open_mouth: they were OPEN!!! :frowning: well cost the company $219 :frowning: had to leave my trailer at the scale house and bobtail back to the landfill with my tail between me legs…then get up in the middle of the night and sneek back up there to ■■■■■■ the trailer back out when the coups were closed both sides…well in 15 years driving big trucks I never got a ticket…yesterday was a first for Bully…the Trooper was going to screw me on axle weight’s as well but we got talking and found out he was based in the UK for a while in the Army…so he just did me for over gross in the end…What a day!!!..or should I say What a week!!!


Hey Bully, Think yourself lucky you were not in Maine, you would be in jail till someone paid a much larger fine. If you are over the top there it’s automatic jail.

had 1 a bit similar back in blighty 47.8tons of grain on 5 axles total gross ooooooooopppppppssssssss :blush: luckly i didnt have far to go with it to get it on the boat, bloke on the scales at the dock was none to impressed but we got on ok so he let me off :sunglasses: my little 320hp fl10 didnt think much to it though hahahahaaha