3 network

Anybody got any direct experience of what their network is like, particularly data? I’m on virgin at the moment, which gives unlimited data for £15 per month, but it seems to be getting steadily worse - I can have full signal on 3G, but find it stuttering and buffering constantly. Coverage is pretty good, but as I just said, the signal seems crap. Was thinking of 3, but don’t know whether they’re any better?

i used 3 dongle for 6 years home and truck
and found it ok
only gave it up because not working
and living in a glass wired household

Been using them since they started. Went on to Orange for a couple of years and it was dire in comparison. Three is the best 3G/HSPA network in the country. If you get a 4G capable phone you get 4G access for no extra cost in the areas they have rolled it out to so far and if you go abroad there are 16 countries where you can use your phone as if you were home with no extra costs for calls/text/data as long as they are made within your normal allowance.

Have run three, voda & tmobile, would rate three as best for data and value.

Im a three customer free tethering etc unlimited data streaming on laptop etc never had any issues with them

Im with 3 and found the coverage for calls is dire. (South east area) when in London and I have a 4g connection its brilliant but my O2 coverage was 10 times better (only reason I changed was they didn’t do unlimited data packages)

Three is great for data, by far the best, for calls I’d say it’s no better/worse than the other major networks, the only issue I’ve found is it’s very much an outdoor network, go inside and it drops quite a bit but in the truck it’s great :slight_smile:

3 are excellent for data, but poor for calls. I have a Vodafone phone and 3 mifi dongle which seems to be about the best combination I have found.

I’ve been on 3 for ages now and they are really good. The data is fast especially if you have a 4G phone as you get a free upgrade if 4G is available in the area.

I also get unlimited data with free tethering but by far the best thing they do for me is stopping all of this data roaming rubbish. If I go to Ireland or France I still get all of my calls, text and data for free as part of my package. I would recommend them as they will soon be adding even more countries to the free list :slight_smile:

3 for data is good, phone signal is either good or non existent, no inbetween.
But 3 is the network built for t’internet

Just don’t expect fast internet when your parked up for the night in truck stops or places like Huntingdon, it gets drained by all the other drivers watching xxxx tube!
Apart from that, I have no complaints.
Think they have changed the tethering on new contracts though, as in you now have to pay for it if you go over a set amount.

Darb…if ya signal is poor indoors, have a look at the ‘intouch’ app via your mobile, not a tablet, on the App Store…calls/texts over wifi.

I get unlimited tethering as I stuck with the old ‘One Plan’ when I upgraded, which they don’t do anymore. MrsH gets unltd tethering etc but she’s on the pay monthly equivalent, which I think costs her £20/mth…best to check their website for details. The unltd tethering is excellent when hooked up to the ipad (other tablets are available :smiley: ) for tv, especially as Sky tv now let us Virgin Media punters stream ALL the sports channels via the tvanywhere app and, if you subscribe, the movies as well! :sunglasses:.

Darb…if ya signal is poor indoors, have a look at the ‘intouch’ app via your mobile, not a tablet, on the App Store…calls/texts over wifi.

I had many calls and refunds because of the complaining I did and eventually they added me to the ‘intouch’ list of beta testers.
It was an absolute pile of ■■■. The most annoying thing was text messages would lose conversation threads as theyd be sent to the app. Much better using the likes of WhatsApp for messages/pictures and Viber for calls/messages. They both work on the same principal.

Its Called 3 for a reason. Its how many seconds you get before you lose the signal whilst making a call.

I think it’s very good on data, not so hot on calls

Good signal for calls and data in the south east for me. Used to be on O2 and their 3G signal was terrible!

Calls don’t really bother me, or texts, but I do use a lot of data, either on the web or listening to Dutch stations on the tunein app. Have picked up a 3 sim to try, but the daft thing is I’ve got no paper clips, or anything thin enough on me to open up the sim slot on my iphone! Will have to scrounge a paper lip when I get to my tip tonight. I guess this is what they call a first-world problem :slight_smile:

Change to three you won’t regret it

I agree wholeheartedly with Darb.When I complained about the poor indoor signal at home,they sent me a signal booster.It didn’t work.After following instructions on their "help"page,which didn’t help,I phoned to inform them of this.Treated like an imbecile as the operator took me through the same thing again (push a reset button for 10 seconds then wait up to 2hrs for a red light to turn green).
When this didn’t happen,phoned them back to tell them-only to go through it all again with a different operator :confused: :confused: Eventually they decided the box was faulty and sent another.This was exactly the same,so not faulty - the idea just didn’t work.
As others have said though,brilliant for data.I use my phone for listening to the radio when the normal radio signal disappears for an hour or so travelling down the A9 between Newtonmore and Pitlochry.

Well, I swapped sims last night, and do far all seems good - internet is much faster and more stable than Virgin, had 30 min convo with mrs without any issues, but then I’ve only been in goole - will see what it’s like streaming 4extra on the drive back to stowmarket.