3 most important things you need to consider

im filling out an online application for a job and one of the questions is What do you think are the 3 most important things you need to consider when driving an LGV. I thought that was a bit of an open ended question.

what would everyone put

The ability to stare down at wimmen drivers wearing short skirts.


  1. Safety, plus
    The requirement to slow down or stop altogether to 2) protect the need of Vulnerable Road Users, in the form of equestrian females, who seem to have a default status of great legs, and great bute-ocks. Thus combining road safety with lecherism for 3) Efficiency.


  1. Safe driving (giving consideration for all road users, including VRUs)
  2. Being legally compliant (observing all aspects of drivers hours legislation from the older 2006 rules and including the newer legislation)
  3. Load security (let them know you’re aware that all the penalties are now severe, ie a PG9 for every offence, bar six very minor issues).

Any prospective employer wants a bit of peace of mind when their drivers are out on the road, and is always concerned about someone creating a legal headache for them.

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i put vehicle dimensions, drivers hours and safe and efficient driving

That covers two of my three points. Whoever the application is for may have specific hot topics based on their most recent experiences. This is where you need to be able to think on your feet in the interview situation. Other major issues that I see regularly see TMs talking about are Bridge Strikes, and driver conduct while on customer sites and out on the road.

safe and efficient driving is a given almost. I almost put weight and height as my other two but decided i wanted to include drivers hours as that can have an impact on the company hence vehicle dimensions

It may be a given, but they’re wanting to see what people are thinking about. Someone who acknowledges “safe driving” is (hopefully) able to expand on that in an interview to say it includes consideration for VRUs, doing proper walkaround checks, avoiding bridge strikes (so includes vehicle heights obviously) and not using electronic devices when you’re in control of the company vehicle.

Also worth mentioning that its fairly common now for employers to stick someone’s name into FB and see what pops up, especially when there are local FB driver groups and the employer is probably already registered with these, so when they see applicant “Dave Driver” advising someone to “pull ya card, foot down Friday, slap a magnet on it” etc, they’ll be able to correctly file the application (in the round, grey, filing cabinet sitting under the desk)

Proper checks

this is why i said it was ambiguous vehicle dimensions (height width and weight) could come under safe driving .

as this was the only question that didn’t have a pop up menu with various answers on it im guessing they are looking for specific answers

Would that come under planning, lots of things come under planning, planning your route

Not at all:

It is a sort of conversation opener.
Whatever answer you give you will likely be asked exactly what you mean by it all.
Or maybe they won’t bother reading any tie-breaker questions, chuck you the keys, and ask you the ETA for the trailer that is already behind schedule.

No 1 Where can i stop for Tea.
No 2 And how long for.
No 3 Where is the next cafe,
That sounds like a Two Bob Outfit are you desperate for a Job lol.

1 2 3 are the correct answers.

I answered like this:

  1. Health & Safety including load security, other road users, my own safety, vehicle checks
  2. Awareness of vehicle height and and route restrictions, road conditions,
  3. Compliance, including Highway Code rules and Tachograph regulations .

^^^^Yep that sounds about right to me.:sunglasses:

Thing is though after a few years experience, …(and a lot of disillusionment and despondency about the job) my 3 priorities nowadays are…

1.How late can I get away with starting.

2.How early can I get away with finishing.

  1. Will I manage to find a decent parking place with maybe a pub nearby.

(note to o/p…
Maybe best not to take on board though for use in an interview.:joy:)

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  1. Is it a V8
  2. Does it have all the bells and whistles
    3.Where do I hang my cowboy hat🤠

Think the obvious answers. Are.
Vehicle height.
Is the load secure
Does route have any restrictions low bridges etc.

Does truck have in cab cameras
Do you provide paid parking or expected to park up for free
Do I max my hours out every week taking minimum amount of rest.

Depends how bad you want the job. The correct answer would be 1st 3 .
In reality you want to ask the last 3