3 endorsement points... Shall I still go for C + E license?

I was planning on going for my C and C+E license’s in the not too distant future but today I was stopped by the police for driving through a red light (which was at amber, not red!). This resulted in a £60 fine and more disturbingly an extra 3 points on my license which I am now worried will kill my chances of getting a LGV job!

I already had 3 points on my license (due to come off around September this year) but now that I have 6 I am worried that paying out the £2000 to take the training and tests would just be wasting my money as from what I’ve read on these forums its hard enough to get work as it is… let alone for somebody with no experience and 6 points on their license!

Will (as I expect) this make it a lot more difficult or even impossible to get my first job? Or will it not make a difference?

Ps. I’m going to contest the endorsement but I can’t see that getting anywhere!

subject line meant to say 6 endorsement points! not 3! doh!

Most firms would accept 6 points if they are for minor things. However, you won’t get far in the test by going over amber traffic lights. Amber means stop unless it’s unsafe to do so.