2nd hand trucks on the web

We’re after a good 2nd hand DAF 95XF480 4x2 space/super-space in the £15-20K bracket and after not having much luck in the last Truck Trader I bought I thought I’d search the web. Haven’t come up with anything on UK sites and the official DAF used trucks site is useless returning “no results” each time.

We got a couple of ex Pollock S-reg 95XF480 6x2’s a month or so back and we’re pretty impressed with them. They’re returning good fuel figures and the two drivers love them.

Anyone have any suggestions ? Web or magazine based.



If you type “used truck sales” in yer google you will get about 480 results.
(Dont forget the " " ).


Anyone have any suggestions ? Web or magazine based.

I used "Commercial Motor " or "Commercial Vehicle retailer (now renamed Trucklocator)

I paid for a 3 month sub to the latter in january and they still send me a copy every week!
(I get CM every week anyway)

it’s mainly the same trucks in both - although trucklocater’s ad rates must be cheaper as the dealers have twice the space!! :slight_smile:

CM has changed since then and now has more trucks for sale

like you I found trucktrader not a lot of use…

Like you I am looking for such a website- there are lots for cars about, but not a single decent site for trucks - maybe this is a business opportunity for one that is fed up with driving? Any takers? :slight_smile:

Did you try www.trucklocator.co.uk ? Might be some to your spec on here :slight_smile:

you will also find that these sites are pretty much out of date as well.
If you want DAF’s have you tried the DAf website?
I recently contacted a number of garage to see about them having interactive links on my site to help with this problem - Guess what - no reply!!!
If anyone has vehicles for sale - please place a free advert on my site.

Try these:


If you want to import one, try :

Hope this helps