2nd day of class c training

Well did my 2nd day today.my trainer said I drove faultless today which made me feel happy have my test Friday so hopefully it will go well I’m there tomorrow as well to get some more practice in

Sounds really good. Keep it up and all the best for your test.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Keep it going JJ. Good luck for tomorrow [emoji106]

Good luck, I start my class 2 training on Monday and test next Friday, just hope it all go’s well it’s a lot of money to loose if I fail!

So how’d it go JJ? I’m guessing from the date that the test would be yesterday so hopefully a pass.

Don’t worry too much graemem106 - if you pass great but if not you don’t have to spend the entire lot again to retake (or shouldn’t). Not all good drivers pass first time, but going by what I read on here, most who don’t will do it second time as there’s less nerves.

Was going fine till last roundabout did all the checks etc set off then a bloody bin truck come flying round far to fast which I think he was in wrong lane as well but obviously they classed it as a serious driver fault absolutely bloody gutted

Bin lorry drivers seem to have to take a different test, whereby you have to drive like you’re Arse is on fire! Unlucky on the fail, but don’t let it defeat you

Unlucky mate, seems to be a lot of fails due to other drivers being idiots you would think the examiners would give you some leeway when it’s outwith your control.

I’ve got 4 days of training then test on Friday so hopefully that should be enough driving time to let me get into the swing of things and I’ll be sure to steer clear of any bin lorry’s I see!

It’s alot to take in in 4 days but you pick it up quick enough I only had 4 minors then on last roundabout it all went t…ts up just waiting to get booked in for a re test now

Sorry to hear about the bin wagon but these things happen, you just got to get straight back on on…

Best of luck mate! :smiley:

Don’t you mean in Beezle or do you do your deliveries like Mr Bean?!

Don’t you mean in Beezle or do you do your deliveries like Mr Bean?!

LOL - I meant “on it”, so the pic still works! :smiley: