2nd 4 hour lesson C+E

Hi all

For anyone interested,a quick update on todays lesson. Massive improvement from my 1st 4 hour lesson a fortnight ago!

No clutch problems at all,mirrors spot on. Still a couple of minor issues regarding timing of signals(bad habit from driving my 18 tonner like a van lol),and a couple of missed gears(to be expected),but a really good enjoyable day. Didn’t do any coupling or reverse,just hammered the driving. (I did reverse and couple/uncouple last lesson).

Got my next 4 hour lesson next Monday and its gone so well that my instructor has said 12 hours will be enough rather than the initial 16 hours advised from my assessment drive!! So test is now booked for Tues 10th March-cant wait.

Truck I am using is a DAF CF(Think its 380 bhp),with a 8 speed box. Its amazing how easily a 52 foot bendy will go round corners (for anyone worried about it). If you fancy having a bash at your class 1,i would well recommend it. My instructor was superb today-none of this pulling over for a 20 min chat or calling off at a burger van etc!!

Good luck to you all!!!

I’ve just had my first day of 2 1/2 day training on my c+e and as my other half said I’m like a pig in sh*t as I really enjoyed it the spaces you can get these artics round is awesome and the reversing is easier than you think . Still areas that need brushing up but loved it .
Glad you had a good day :smiley:

Cheers Gilberry.

I think you would know very quickly if class 1 is for you or not. Just been reading about the terrible news about the tipper crash in Bath. So soon after the Glasgow bin lorry crash. RIP and thoughts with affected families.

We also had the dreadful M6 Stoke crash with the Tufnells driver.(Hope he is recovering). It just brings it home to me that as much as I enjoy truck driving,its a serious business and you have to be switched on 100%.

Enjoy it…but also respect it.

That’s why we are classed as professional drivers and no it’s not something you can play at .
That said all the best :smiley:

Did you book this through a broker? Hope it works but seems a bit odd that your training is being scheduled weeks apart.

No-I am doing it like this because im driving all week. I work Tues-Sat,play golf on Sunday and have Mondays free,so I have been scheduling lessons on Mondays. The other good thing about this is that im not using holiday entitlement and still getting a full weekly wage!!!

Only got one more 4 hour lesson to go now this coming Monday. I think its a good way to learn because through the week I just put into practise my routines,and substitute a ‘tap’ on top of the gearlever for the range splitter-GOOD TIP FROM ROG!!!(I drive a manual 6 speed 18 tonner).

Obviously works well for me as my lesson was superb. I am full of confidence for my test on March 10.