2014 Trans Pennine Run

Looking forward to this years run, but did it a few years ago in a 71 Atki Borderer, and was wondering if there is anyone that would/could let me loose in their pride and joy for the day?

I don’t mind contributing to the cost, and would dearly love to have a go in another Atki Borderer, but beggars can’t be choosers.

My partner wouldn’t mind tagging along for the ride if someone has no objections, as she comes from a non transport background, and does come out with me on the day job from time to time.

If anyone is brave or stupid enough, and lives nearby to my location with suitable vehicle, the please bell me up on 07900 563117.



When is this run Ken ? A bit far away for me, but I would consider having a look at it. PS. Just Googled it 3rd August, clashes with Hereford truck show, maybe another year.
Cheers Dave.

Thanks Dave, it’s much appreciated.

IIRC correctly, Killsville was going to have a sniff about for me, but as I haven’t been on here for a while due to personal problems, then I don’t know what the craic is.

Hopefully someone will trust me with their pride and joy, and I won’t disappoint them.



Sorry Ken. Not managed to come up with anything.

It’s looking like I haven’t got a ride either this year. Bowker 34 isn’t tested so it looks like just a ride out in the car for me. :frowning:

Thanks anyhow guys.

I will most probably be at Birch for the start and it looks like I may now have to shoot off to Telford not long after, but that is still up in the air yet.

Hopefully something may still come along, failing that there are always others before the years out.