1st time out - securing the load?

Hi all,

After a promising conversation yesterday I’m hoping to get a start this weekend. I’ve got a question thats circulating around in my head and making me a tad worried! Lol

Do a lot of companies these days have trailers already loaded/secured and there’s not a great deal you can do?

Example. I arrive, find its a curtainsider, get told to take it from A to B and go out to the truck. If its already loaded and closed up, should i open it up to check everything looks secure? And as a newbie how will i know it all looks good?

At the end of the day it’ll be my job to make sure it’s fully secure and I want to get this right.

I know I can ask another driver for some help, knowing my luck no one will be around!

get the back opened up and have a good look. like you say, its your responsibility.and strap it down if need be. you would lokk like a ■■■■ if you get to your del point and its all over the back. been there done it :laughing: :laughing:

If its sealed make sure you ring up and check its ok to break it
P&O like it to stay sealed until you reach the delivery point - unless there are bits poking out the sides.
Not that all are like this - always ask if in doubt

Main thing is if its not hitched up when you get there make sure you get the right trailer! Seen drivers arrive at destination with empty/wrong trailer!

If it’s not strapped just use your common sense.

If it is a pallet, say bags of cement that is shrink wrapped and it’s not too heavy/tall just leave it alone.

If, for example your carrying cages then stick a ratchet strap or two across the back just to hold it in place.

Just look at the load and you’ll know straight away if it needs strapped. If it could move - Secure it.

Treat seals like gold. Never remove one without permission. It’s quite common for RDC’s to shut a trailer and stick a temp seal on it that will be removed at the gatehouse and another seal put in it’s place.

Don’t be scared to ask another driver if they think it should be secured and don’t be scared to ask anyone anything.

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone asks questions.

Good luck!

Also, if you can give us an idea of what the company normally hauls, we might be able to give you tips on loading/securing…

Once I know the score I’ll put a post on to let you know where it’ll be and what I’ll be moving.

Another newbie question. Where would you usually find unused ratchet straps/securing bars in a trailer? If I need to use them, I need to know where to get them from!

In a box trailer you’ll find the bars and cups (Or just the bars if it’s springy ones) at the back or on the floor.

Be prepared to kick [zb] outta the cups if they are jammed in the holes.

Unused straps will be hanging at the back end or if it’s a curtain it might have them stowed on a little shelf at the front. But these will never have been used and will be tangled. They are suspended from the roof and rarely used.

A lot of units will also have some spare straps in the locker at the side of the cab door.

At every place you go just observe how other drivers do it. When i started, if there was another driver about i would ask what is the best way to secure the load, suprisingly they were all helpful enough and taught me. Obviously there are some things that dont need securing like bog roll and crisps but things like plywood sheets etc do, just remember that you can never use to many straps.

The best advice I can give you is to ask. Find a friendly looking face, explain you’re a newbie and ask for advice. We’ve all been there at the start! Let us know how you get on. :wink:

Read the two posts above and you won’t go far wrong, but ask two drivers not just one, in case you get the resident nutter :laughing: