18 Wheels

Keeping it lit in the snow America to Canada Video CLICKY :wink:

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is it me mm or is there driving a bit eratic for the weather conditions?

:smiley: IMHO he was pushing it a little BUT if he was fully freighted you really can punch on safely enough. Having Double Drive and such a long wheelbase makes them a lot steadier than UK motors at speed :laughing:

The weather around us is similar 4 months of the year so you get a good feel for what you can do safely. Until the innevitable dumb car driver messes up in front of you :open_mouth:

Just like the paddys down the A55 from Holyhead. Trying to kick the headlight out!!

Just like the DHL wag n drags i saw Comin bak from germany last year. We hit a blizzard with snow like in the video and In lane 1 and 2 we all the cars but lane 3 on the autobahn were all these guys racing like there was no tommrow to get to the next depo on time. Asked me old man about it and said they were doing trunk runs and are use to these conditions and the roads hence y they could go like bats outta hell. Pretty impressive to watch too.