16 Feet doublefloor trailer

No Problem o Motorways igot said.

Trailer as Steelsprings,and stupid Forkliftdriver,as i must say,loads Heavy Freight in mass behind last Axle,which brings it on 8000kg and close to overweight,but Poweaxle just to 5500kg.

In that case to i not that more as 50mph,which is still to much as ifound out.

I got changed from MAN to Merc,and heard under lower Bridges how Radioantenne sracces on it.Antenne is really ready to change and Radio may get better.
I tought.
Than stopped my a other Lorry and told my the scracc on the Bridges were not from Antenne.
Will have nexxt Week a new Trailer as part of Roof left .
THE Driver before my lost the Windsheld which made the Roof lifted by Wind,and stupid loaded Trailer with Rear down lifts automaticly front.

Yep,i mean thatis it like that,becouse,Roof was OK when i loaded to night.