15 minute break

hi quick question i drive tippers in northwales i leave the yard and drive to the quarry this takes about 10 minutes now my boss gets us queue outside the quarry (the queue is massive about 30 wagons )when we queue he tells us to put it on break for 15 minutes is this right ? is there a minium time you can drive before the 15minute break ?

You can drive for a minute then put it on break and that’ll count towards your 45 minutes. Not sure if putting it on break whilst queuing is really a break though.

If you are stationary and can use the time for recuperation - it can be counted as a break. HTH :sunglasses:

As long as you can use the time that you’re queueing exclusively for recuperation you’re fine to book it as break.

I’m not sure how that would work in a queue but …

In the queue and doing nothing but waiting/reading the newspaper etc can be recorded as break and any break period of at least 15 mins can be used for the regs

Other recorded break periods of less than 15 mins are still breaks but will not count as breaks for the regs

I say it like that in case you are moving every so often in the queue

If your wheels turn during the 15 minutes, then it will not register a break and you have to start again.

If your wheels turn during the 15 minutes, then it will not register a break and you have to start again.

that’s if you have a 1st edition digi tacho, the newer 2nd edition, if you move the vehicle for less than 30 seconds in the 1st minute it will take the largest portion of what you did, (less than 30 seconds drive it will register as stationary or if you reselect break then it will be break) stay still for the next minute and in the 3rd minute do less than 30 seconds drive again and it will keep it as break as long as you reselect break again after you stop.
wrong I know, I don’t but know some of the tipper drivers on the firm I work for do, is a loophole they have created themselves

If you have one of the newer 3rd edition edition Digital tachos you can move as long it’s under 3 or 4 km per hour and it won’t register according to my pcp driver instructor who happens to check our tachos to

anyone that loads out of quarries often will know this is how things work, get there early bang it on break, then crack on, years ago when you could have the half hr first it would mean (depending how close your yard was to the quarry) you could work most of the day with just 15 mins break