12 volt feed on a Volvo FM12

Hiya guys

Does anyone know of a dedicated 12 volt feed that can be used to wire up a CB in a Volvo FM12■■

Been toying with the idea of crimping into the wires of the 12 volt socket, but wondered if there would be such a dedicated feed somwhere in the loom under the dashboard…

Has anyone else got a 12v CB in there cab??.. where did you wire it up to??

And while I think about it, where is the best way into the cab for the ariel Co-ax■■? Got mine running down into the offside side locker, then through into the cab but it looks messy. And I dont think the boss would like it if I drilled a jole in the roof of his cab… LOL

Any advice greatfully recieved.

Usualy the radio is 12 volt, though not always so check. Also there is often a 12v supply behind the empty radio sized cubby hole. You just have to remove the box, which sits in the dash or in the overhead, and have a good look. A torch would probably be useful. There will be a real dogs breakfast of wires in there, so its best not to just delve in.

I know that Scanias definitely do it, but most other manufacturers seem to as well. My old Scania had holes already cut in strategic places around the cab. They have a rubber bung in them which is soft in the middle. You can work the bung out (carefully) and make a small hole in it. Then you feed the end of your coax through it and route it round the inside of your cab. You will want to take the screw-on end, off the end of your coax and put a new one back on, unless you can get the other end out of your antenna fitting bracket.
If not, you will need to get your boss to agree, get Volvo to drill the hole and fit the bung. That would keep everyone happy. When you next take your wagon in for a service, tell them exactly where you would like them to make the hole. They can also tell you the best place to get a 12v supply, if you cant find it yourself.

Is yours a new shape?

I drive an 04 and I am sure there is another set of wires off the Ciggy Lighter loom. One is 24v the other is 12v. There is also a blank over a circular hole in the same panel as the ciggy lighter which you could presumably fit a 12v connecter to.

The older shape ones had a 12v socket next to the Ciggy Lighter.

Been toying with the idea of crimping into the wires of the 12 volt socket,

The older shape ones had a 12v socket next to the Ciggy Lighter.

I assume then, that AndyM must have an older shape FM, seeing as he has a 12v socket. :slight_smile: I think he wants to find a dedicated feed, in preference to breaking into the wiring loom. I have that preference myself, I hate wiring my CB into wires that another driver has added into the loom (I fried a CB doing that once :frowning: ).

well guys, actually, its an 05 registered FM so its brand new. Its only done 13000 kms and thats what Ive put on it in the last few weeks.
It has the ciggy lighter that is 24v but to the left of that is a 12v auxillery socket coz it says so on the little flappy cover its got on it. :wink:

Think I’ll email Volvo and see what they suggest, if not, it will be a case of just having a plug sticking out of the socket, but feed the wires under the dash to make it look pretty.

Andy if you don’t require the 12 volt socket to work then you can remove the wires from the back of it. The 2 wires feeding it end in a plastic plug, this is really just a couple of spade type sockets in one plug, and just plugs onto the back of the socket so removal is non desructive. On the end of the two wires you will use to power the CB just crimp a couple of spade terminals and plug them into the socket on the end of the Volvo wires, the one that feeds the centre of the 12 volt socket is the + and the other is -.

I’ve used this method to convert the single Volvo socket to a triple in my last truck and if you will no longer be using the vehicle it is only a matter of unplugging your CB wires and replacing the plastic plug back onto the 12 volt socket. No cuttting into the vehicles loom, no damage, job done.

If you’re really gonna go for it, you could crimp yourself up a splitter thing to pull off a lead to your CB and keep your 12 socket as well.

Andy, 1st of all use the proper mount on the cab roof for the aerial. you will need an adaptor but only about £1. The coax from the mount comes into the cab to the sockets above ya head. needs an end end soldering on it. "nd there are 2 separate wires also and they are +&-. Volvo have been fitting wire harneses for quite a few years now.
its so you dont invalidate the warranty chopping wires and it is a ■■■■ sight easier
Well i did anyway