12/24v fridge?

I am looking for a fridge to store all the ingredients for a bacon sandwich and a brew! Any suggestions?

Get one that can use both 12v & 24v as you’ll break it if its only 12v & you plug it in to a 24v feed. Cheers.

Buy a cheap 240v one and stick it onto an inverter , which has other uses too if you need any other 240v stuff.

Don’t buy a cheap one, they’re rubbish and you’ll only ending up buying something else. Anything from the Waeco Tropicool range is superb,3 way power and 2 year guarantee. Mine is 6 years old and is ice cold inside, not slightly cooler like those rubbish cool boxes you get in Lidl etc

I`ve had my cheapo(30quid) one from aldi for 3 years now, is cold enough on the low setting to start freezing water.