Street & road scenes

yes I remember the slop lorry collecting the waste food from the school in the early 60’s. they always seemed to come at playtimes.

Those were the days when pork had real flavour. Have to travel to Normandy now
to taste real pork!

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A mate of mine used to have a pig swill round in the eighties, I think it was only stopped as the result of BSE


Used to do three load of pigs a week from the NE to Walls slaughter house / production plant in Hyde. They were all swill fed, one particular fattner used to get the scrap waste chocolate etc. from the Rowntree factory in Newcastle. Wagon always took some washing out after that load.

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Hi opal_finder, Blaneau Ffestiniog, monoliths of slate a memorial to the once very productive slate quarries of that area.

Do I get a prize for being the nearest Oily. :trophy: :grinning:

Actually, I vagally recognised the place as thirty years ago we used to go to the white water rafting center at Capel Celyn, which is about twelve miles away. There were some good cafe’s in Blaenau but I don’t remember seeing that sculpture.

And back on track.

The corner of Ashton Old Road and Grey Mare Lane, Beswick, Manchester. 1962.


Sculpture was built 2012 opal_finder.

The pic was taken in Canterbury in the early 'sixties, Oily. You can see a brand new AEC Regent V of East Kent by Westgate Towers in the distance, followed by what looks like a Guy Arab 1V behind it.


Thanks Ro what about the car in the foreground it’s got me stumped.

Glasgow 1955.

Newcastle upon Tyne 1955

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Stockton Hugh Street

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Me too! It’s not a Standard 9 ragtop is it?

Deansgate, Manchester.

Well I’ve finally managed to get back on TN
What a ballache

Might cause a few issues :grinning: