Self employed, hours questions

I don’t think they worry about “proof” as in “passing an evidential threshold”, as long as there’s been an effort to “carry all required records” I’d expect them to be relatively content with that as “showing willing”.

Even the TC when he wants information, working hours schedule for all activities prior to appointment on an O-licence, only asks for an honest statement of hours, it doesn’t insist on hard evidence to back it up.

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Good advice, I wouldn’t touch wedding work with a brown sticky stick anyway.

@zac_a …so on that basis, putting rest between driving shifts shows an effort to provide some sort of complete record (even though it isn’t what really happened).

I would simply make sure I am getting a couple of complete days off a week and the required daily rest before starting a driving shift.

To be honest, there is very little reward for filling in those pieces of paper, which at the end of the day don’t make you any more fit to drive than if you hadn’t filled them in.

Besides, if the company you are working for doesn’t input the other work you are doing on their analysis system, you have two records that don’t match each other.

If you say to the DVSA bod I only drive occasionally and do nothing else, to be honest there isn’t much he / she can do.

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They can if they feel like it, dish out a £200 fine for an incomplete record of all activities, that’s what that RHA link above is all about, avoiding that potential.

An App or diary would be good as a reminder to yourself what you’ve done. Then transfer that to an acceptable method prior to driving.

If there’s a chance you won’t drive for more than 28 days then you’ll have saved yourself some effort. On the other hand you’ll be duplicating the effort if you are driving regularly.

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Breaks? FFS. I did a few days’ holiday cover a couple of weeks ago at short notice. According to my card I had last driven ‘in scope’ in the first week of August 2023. And they want me to keep a record of the time of day I took a break 28 ■■■■■■■ days ago and for long it lasted? And then a Tapley Test print out reveals I claimed to be on break from 1300 to 1400 three weeks ago, so I am deliberately falsifying my records when I was really doing a Tapley Test at 1315? I don’t carry a time clock around with me, my jobcard will record an approximation of how long a specific task took and then the invoice will record how many chargeable parts of an hour there will be. ie took around an hour worth an hour and a quarter. Took 3 worth 2.
So I drive on a monday after several days doing nothing and they want me to comply with and record Duty and break time for the rest of that week even though I never go near a lorry for the rest of that week and may have actually worked three hours one day, and had two off, but also they want to prevent me from exceeding the break or duty limit on the Friday when I don’t drive or possibly even work at all for the next two/three weeks or six months?

No, as long as you’ve done the five minutes of scribbling on the back of a print out as I described, you’ll be covered. They’re not going to check if your breaks were at 12 or 12 30 etc, you just need to “show willing” by having records ready

@cav551 You only need to keep a record of breaks in a fixed week with in-scope driving. The other weeks in the 28 days it is just blocks of other work and weekly rest you need to keep a record of.

I guess as stu675 says, if there is a chance of you driving, then have your start and finish times noted down and if you need to transfer to analogue charts put some breaks in to satisfy.

So Print out (or 1 Attestation Form ). Statement: "I am semi-retired IF I am working it will be between the hours of 0700 and 1700 Monday to Friday. NO in scope driving since last withdrawal. Last rest started Date Time. Finished Date Time. (This Week Monday work as above Tuesday rest Wed 0700- 1300 work Rest since. Start 0700 END. signed "

I’m driving tomorrow, so I’ve scribbled down what I need to write on the tacho roll, seems pointless going any further back than my CPC test at the end of May?
Took 2 minutes to write down, putting in an hour of break in my usual daily work on each. Realistically I take several breaks a day depending on what I’m doing, who I’m with, where I’m working etc. Keeping up with it is impossible but hopefully showing willing to comply will do the job.

They’ll want 28 days of records, so scribble enough to cover that time, even if it was before you doing your DCPC test, saying “test” implies you’re newly qualified and have done Mod 2 and Mod 4. Do you have your DQC yet?

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Yes DQC done. Good day out yesterday, getting the hang of tacho now, manual entries, print outs, writing info on back etc etc. Had to use one of my extra hours of driving time, made it back to the depot with 4 minutes to spare in the end. Tight one. Back to the day job for a bit.

Sounds like you know enough to avoid DVSA’s “training via the wallet” scheme :grin:

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Hopefully, yes. There’s so much more to this job than grabbing a key and driving.

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