Question about "night out payment"

You could always ring the inland revenue and ask them, I would guess it depends on how it is entered on your payslip.

If it clearly says night out and shows tax you may have a chance.

That’s an assumption not based on fact. I only do occasional nights out and add them on my timesheet as an extra charge, I pay the tax as I don’t want my lot thinking £26.20 is the maximum they can pay me. I just book them at £50 and pay the tax.

Of course they bump up my earnings a little so average holiday pay gets a little lift too!

Yeah, on my payslips it show’s as “overnight” “units” (i.e how many i’ve done) then “rate £24” finally “value” which shows the total amount over the month in £’s
I just think why should I pay tax on it when it’s all spent on food at ridiculour prices in motorway services and I spend more than I actually get anyways!