Past Present and in Between in Pictures (Part 2)

Few from today at Leyland museum, the Davis buffalo was what i went to see, i wasn’t disappointed it was stunning.

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Ah! When I knew that place it was called “Idols” and was famous for having top-less barmaids (I’m thinking late 1990’s). Me and a mate took another lad there when he came to visit, from very rural, very Catholic Ireland. Talk about eyes out on stalks :joy:

How boring, if you haven’t slowly unclothed the top half of a beautiful lady yourself, you haven’t lived your life to the full. :joy:

Splendid looking Buffalo indeed VWVanman! Here’s a front page Buffalo and a picture of one in Isfahan in Iran on M/E work!

Buffalo in Isfahan 1975

Would the Middle East Buffalo be a headless wonder?

Possibly, as they were fitted, I think, as standard. But some Buffalos had the TL12.

As I said, Buffalos…kin Hideous things to drive.
That guy deserves a medal running M.E. in a one😳.
I took one from Carlisle to Preston one day,.that was far enough for me.

They never had the TL12 Rob, later ones had the L12 non turbo version but that was to try and accomodate the then phased out Mandator users which i don’t think it did. The L12 was only 205 bhp whereas the Mandator AV760 was available up to 226 bhp depending on which pump was fitted.

Were they as quiet as the advertiser was making out Robroy? I know the Mandators weren’t and the heater wasn’t up to much either but the one my dad drove was over 10 years old and well past its best

Nah, as far as I remember very noisy and uncomfortable.
I only took the thing out for one day, I usually drove a 400 Sed Atk which was in for repair and even though that thing was well knackered (an ex Ryder Rental truck) it was a far superior motor to the Leyland…imo.

Is that Noddy Holder behind the wheel of the “Penthouse on a Powerhouse” ?

Thanks ramone! Yes, I was thinking of this example, which apparently had its 500 lump replaced with a TL11 :roll_eyes:

1972 Buffalo TL11 260 replaced 500

The Ford A-series.


Once, yes. Never again

Quite simply the worst vehicle I’ve ever had the displeasure to have in a fleet.

How many cans of easy start did you get through ? :grinning:

One. What a waste :wink:

Reminds me of Econofreight where we were banned from using that stuff even though the Cummins engines pleaded for it. So, one icy morning in Norfolk, after yet another failure I left the can alone and called BRS breakdown instead. A bloody great reccer arrived, the bloke climbed down, squirted Easy Start into the intake and said ‘sign this’ and disappeared.

I hate to think what expense resulted from that but later our Leicester depot manager said to me ‘carry on with the Easy Start but put it down to something else on your expenses’. :rofl:

No problems afterwards. :joy:

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One for Grumpy Old Man


Remember it well, London trunk motor.
Now here’s a little story about it and the trailer pushing bar across the front of the radiator that I once wrecked.
At weekends the motors were garaged undercover so Monday mornings they all had to be fired up and moved into the yard…step forward a still wet behind the ears, no licence, GOM. Now this was before spring brakes, AEC’s had a little semaphore arm that, when it was raised indicated low air pressure., as the pressure built up the little arm disappeared. Nobody had told me about this feature until AFTER HTM 373 hit the wall and pushed the trailer bar back into the radiator grill. Whoops. Luckily the radiator survived…and GOM had learned a valuable lesson.
Happy days