help needed

paul b:
turned to be broken wiring under the cab, took the sparky about five minutes to find it and another five to fix it, so not so bad.
anyone run one of these who knows how to use the road relay?

What do you want to know about the road relay and I’ll look it up in the owners manual I have that came with the Foden :question:
P.S. I don’t find it much use apart from the average fuel useage readout.

Hows the week gone Paul, hope you’ve done a diary :slight_smile:

i havn’t i’m affraid, had to much on my plate but think i’ll do one next week.
the weeks gone ok, no probs with the wagon although a couple of tips i used to do with the rigid have become a lot more interesting now i’m trying to get a 45ft in the same hole :open_mouth: