Davies Int. Southampton. With photos (Part 2)

Three of the finest tipping in Civitivechia, port of Rome this morning, Buzzer

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All your drivers should be paying you to tour around Europe.

We think Units & Trailors are big, but parked alongside some ships, they are small.

Fantastic photos Andrew.

Hi all, Buzzer, Wrighty its about time we had some farming picture’s to keep us that are interested up to date. Gerbil

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Kev you just cant get action farming at the click of your fingers and hardly anyone comes on THUK nowadays to look in or comment so be patient me lad. Here is a Friday night shot of Tracy Island with the faves gone home for the weekend after exausting luxury touring trips all around the EU, they need rest now to get ready for the next all action holiday trips next week, Buzzer


7 furrow plough, 35ft long and a fair weight.

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How much power would a tractor need to pull that?

I was once told that ploughs have a weak link so that they don’t over load?
Is that or was that true?
And if true would be the link on a plough like that?

Lot’s of questions! Soory.

East Shaw Ven with his mum.

Not a lot of action going on up ere at the moment, waiting for the weather to pick up then it’s flat out cropping. We did manage to get some sheep sheard yesterday before it rained so that was a bonus.

Cheers Wrighty.

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Probably need upwards of 300hp depending on how heavy the land is. Most ploughs have spring loaded arms so if they hit a big stone they will ride up over it and not damage the plough, some also have a shear bolt as added protection.
Not something we use up here, last time any of our fields were ploughed they would of done by a horse drawn plough…

Cheers Wrighty

Thanks for that. :+1:

Good to have a report and thing’s are ok Wrighty. Gerbil

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