Celebrity Snuff it's 2024

And ex Newcastle manager in the bad old Ashley days…so not the most popular manager we have had.
His name among the fans was JFK.
(Joe ■■■■■■ Kinnear.:joy:)

Dont think there is much love lost between Newcastle supporters & him or several ex players for that matter

Part of the Ashley, Pardew, Wise ‘Cockney mafia’. :roll_eyes:

OJ Simpson

76, cancer

Richard Tandy 76, keyboard player with ELO from virtually the beginning.
Saw them in Sheffield about 5 or so years ago.

Meant to post that the other day.

The last train and the 1970’s are getting further away unfortunately.

More confirmation that around 3 score year and ten is more or less all we get anything more is a bonus.The same now as it’s ever been.
ELO were a bleedin good band.Like Eagles, Slade and ABBA the sound of the 1970’s.

Maybe we should all Hold on tight to our dreams.

Not strictly ELO but I guess it was the end of the line for Richard Tandy. RIP.

Bernard Hill actor

Mike Pinder Moody blues

Robin George

Last Friday hadn’t heard about Mike Pinder croaking it tbh.

Robin George can’t say I’d ever heard of him tbh.

Robin George singer songwriter had a minor hit with Hartline in the 80’s

David Wilkie swimmer

More confirmation that 3 score years and ten is the limit with 10% + 2.