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I some times went to middle school on the London and country run ones of these from Dorking bus garage

Taking workers home from Fry’s chocolate factory in the 50’s , just one day shift back then 8 to 5. Went round that factory when a kid on a school trip and at the end we were given a tin box full of the products they made there, went to Bristol Zoo on the same trip, Buzzer


France and credit to Dave Fawcett for the photos.

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Plaxton-bodied Bedford VAL, but why does it bear a 1960 registration? The Val was first produced in 1965.

An East Kent Leyland TD4, I think from about 1937, seen here in Ashford in 1963.

There’s no year identifier up to 1963 and think it’s illegal to put a younger reg number than the manufacture date or would obviously defeat the object.So if it was made in '65 registered in 66/67 maybe the council office told them it was easier to use an unused pre 63 reg number than to allocate a retrospective year reg number ?.

In fact, I think I was wrong! The Val must have been produced as soon as 1963.
Bus Barton Andy cc by nc nd 2.0 18361982136_bf9785a188_o

One of Blue Bus’ REs (flat-front) is in preservation - TRY 118H


Makes a great racket too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR_MZD8mu6M

:rofl: He’d be far less tired at the end of a shift he someone taught him how to use a steering wheel!

It’s Craig, he’s like that.

What on earth is that?

It’s a bus-bodied version of the Austin 25 / 30 cwt van. There were still quite a few of these about when I was growing up, though bus versions were rare. I think they were superceded by the LD 20 / 30 cwt van.

Thank you, I did peer at the grille and think “Austin?”

Austin. Xdrtvbhytfc

Ah! Now would that be the Xdrtvbhytfc with the left-hand thread wheel-nuts on the near side? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Also known in the trade as minimum twenty characters. :roll_eyes:

Think you only need 10 now-DD reset it :wink:

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It’s a VAL Jim, but not as we know it.